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Have you been considering having an animal visit the residents in your care facility?

Whether you’re from an aged care facility, mental health facility, children’s or adult’s hospital, correctional facility or other health care facility, therapy animals can have an evidence based beneficial impact on the social, emotional and physiological health of the people in your facility.

The benefits of our Therapy Dogs program are not only for patients and residents, but also provide a welcome distraction for family members and staff. Staff can become incredibly attached to their facility’s assigned Delta Therapy Dog, delivering a positive impact on staff satisfaction and morale, which in turn reflects on the ongoing care provided to patients and residents.​

As a non-profit organisation, the Delta Society relies heavily on donations and community support to keep the Therapy Dog program running. In addition to fundraising and asking the general public for donations to support our vital work, we also ask participating facilities to contribute $1,000 per year for each Therapy Dog Team making regular visits.

Please note: Delta volunteers do not receive any remuneration for their participation in the program. Contributions go towards recruitment, assessment, training, insurance, uniforms and other ongoing support for volunteers.

If you are interested in registering your facility for the Delta Therapy Dogs program please complete an online expression of interest form and we will contact you shortly.

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